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Join EAA Chapter 242 Palmetto Sport Aviation

Why join EAA Chapter 242?

EAA Chapter 242 / Palmetto Sport Aviation is one of the largest EAA chapters in the world.



What does EAA Chapter 242 do?

We support the aviation community of South Carolina as well as the general population. We allow kids to experince flight for the first time with Young Eagle events. We host charotable events for the comunity. Join us for social events such as breakfast clubs, birthday dinners, fly in and fly outs.



What do you have to offer with my membership?

EAA Chapter 242 / Palmetto Sport Aviation has a lot to offer with your membership. We have a chapter lodge we call the SAC (sport aviation center). We have a realistic flight simulator running X-Plane 10, that includes flight command center and avionics stack, yoke, and rudder pedals. The SAC is heated in the winter, and cooled in the summer. Offers a fully stocked kitchen, sitting area with plasma TV with Cable. Also aviable to a membership is a workshop with tools used to build and repair aircraft. 

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